What is a Clinical Dental Technician?

Professional clinical dental Technicians are members of the dental health care team. We are graduates of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Wales and are registered with the General Dental Council.

Clinical Dental Technicians have undergone specific training and education in the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high quality denture services, working directly with patients.

Equipped with technical training as a Dental Technician, plus post-graduate training in sciences, clinical skills and interpersonal skills, the Clinical Dental Technician can design, create, construct and modify (repair and rebase) removable appliances to ensure an optimal fit and maximum comfort for the patient.

These skills enable Clinical Dental Technicians to work independently of other Dental Health Care providers. CDT’S are the only dental care professionals who can treat patients independently of dentists in certain circumstances.

CDT’s are qualified to carry out the following range of services:

  • Designing and constructing removable dentures and other dental appliances.
  • Perform technical and clinical procedures related to removable dental appliances.
  • Undertaking clinical examinations.
  • Taking and processing radiographs (and other images) related to removable dental appliances.
  • Fitting and adjusting removable appliances.
  • Recognising abnormal oral conditions and making appropriate referrals.
  • Providing appropriate advice to patients.
  • Providing ongoing aftercare and treatment.