This again is a very commonly asked question. It is impossible to give an exact length of time that dentures will last. It varies person to person, some dentures may last a lot longer than other peoples. At Maidenhead Denture Studio we offer a FREE denture health check. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may need new dentures:

  • Have you started to use a denture adhesive or are your dentures loose for any reason?
  • Are you no longer happy or confident about your smile?
  • Do you feel a general lack of confidence or that your dentures are no longer giving you facial support?
  • Are your dentures making your mouth sore?
  • Have you had one or more denture repairs?
  • Have your denture teeth become worn and stained?

If you think any of the any of the above is applicable or you have any other concerns then why not call us now for a FREE denture health check or FREE consultation. You will always get the very best impartial advice at Maidenhead Denture Studio with the knowledge you are dealing with a qualified CDT professional who has in excess of 35 years’ experience!

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