Initially, dentures may take a little getting used to. The Maidenhead Denture Studio will design your new dentures to fit you as precisely and as comfortable as possible and there are various materials we can use when making your new dentures to try and make them as comfortable as possible for you. We will ensure that the end product you have will be as comfortable as possible. We pride ourselves on taking our clients through the entire process end to end and giving you an end result that you are happy, confident and comfortable with.

It is important to note that sometimes whilst your mouth and gums adjust to new dentures, it is possible that sore spots or ulcers may develop during the first few days of wear. This can be relieved by slight adjustments to the denture surface. It is NEVER advisable to try and adjust dentures yourself. If you are experiencing sore spots contact us and we will arrange an appointment to adjust your dentures (false teeth).

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